5.000" SSR Heatsink

5.000" Wide Extruded Aluminum Heatsink

HeatsinkUSA is your dedicated supplier of extruded aluminum heatsinks. We deliver high-quality extruded heatsink profiles to businesses, medical, military, and aerospace institutions, as well as the individual DIY’er. Find on this page our 5.000" wide extruded aluminum heatsink for semiconductors. We can cut the profile down to the specific length you require, and we have no order minimums, plus fast shipping, so you can complete your unique electric project as soon as possible. Browse our site for more heatsink profiles and models and you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have one of the largest selections of aluminum heatsinks, all extruded and shipped in the USA.

HeatsinkUSA, LLC, Aluminum Fabrication, Greenville, MI