12.000" Wide Extruded Aluminum Heatsink

HeatsinkUSA supplies businesses and individuals with high-quality aluminum heatsink extrusion profiles for their electrical equipment. On this page you can find 12.000” wide extruded aluminum heatsinks to order in bulk or individual units. We don’t have any order minimums, which makes us the ideal provider of heatsinks to DIY’ers, small businesses as well as research and development professionals. If you need a specific length of our 12.000" wide extruded aluminum heatsink, we are able to provide customized lengths right from our website. Browse the HeatsinkUSA site to find different heatsink profiles for different applications. After all, we have one of the largest selections of aluminum heatsinks, all extruded and shipped in the USA.

HeatsinkUSA, LLC, Aluminum Fabrication, Greenville, MI